This project was created for onstage or performance environments, where a portable and easy-to-setup pixel controller can come in very handy.It can also be used to control your holiday lights display, to coordinate costumes at a festival, or for a zillion other applications where you want ultimate wireless NeoPixel control with no interference.

Full tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System: https://learn.adafruit.com/neotrellis-neopixel-controller/overview

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neopixel controller

Build a control box with a NeoTrellis and Feather M0 Radio and use it to wirelessly control multiple strands of NeoPixels.With no line-of-sight requirement (like with infrared remotes) and no pairing requirement (like with Bluetooth or WiFi), the LoRa radio control works over long distances and in crowded environments.Use the FastLED library to add beautiful NeoPixel color effects.[World The Celebration Around Halloween]
Source: https://blog.adafruit.com/2019/01/31/new-guide-wireless-neopixel-remote-controller/

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