[ua_basic_info name="Starmyu 3rd Season" genre="Music, Male Idol, Slice of Life" airing="July 1 2019" studios="C-Station" img= post_id1="77675" related_name1="Previous Season" post_id2="" related_name2=""] [sourceLink asin="" asin_jp="" cdj_product_id="" text="Crunchyroll" url="http://www.crunchyroll.com/starmyu-season-2" ] [hide]Honeys Highlights [balloon_speech align="left" text="Its fantastic to know that Starmyu is coming back! Wow! These boys are so cute!" image="mo-happy3"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Ahhhh this is amazing! This show reminds me of Ensemble Stars & Dance with Devils! " image="honey-happy5"] [balloon_speech align="left" text="Don’t forget shows like Shounen Hollywood and Uta no Prince-sama too, Honey-chan.The curtain once again rises on this musical story of youth rushing forward."] Characters & Voice Actors List [ua_character name="Yuta Hoshitani" voice="Natsuki Hanae" desc="Has loved singing and dancing since he was young, and has always kind of admired singing and dancing stars." img=] [ua_character name="Shu Kuga" voice="Tomoaki Maeno" desc="He looks scary and rarely talks, so he’s often misunderstood.Ugh, when does this start again?" image="bombon-kiss1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Let me check.This is what is an honor for these musical students; achieving the ability to co-star together with the respected former leaders on stage.He has a low income, so his school fees are paid through a scholarship, and he works part time to pay for his living expenses." img=] [ad_middle "mt40"] [ua_detailed_info episodes="" other_title="High School Star Musical 3rd Season, Koukou Hoshi Kageki 3rd Season" airing_site1_name="" airing_site1_url="" airing_site2_name="" airing_site2_url="" airing_site3_name="" airing_site3_url="" op_song="" ed_song="" adaptation_name="Original" adaptation_desc="" adaptation_img= adaptation_awards="" original_creator="Rin Hinata" director="Shunsuke Tada" assistant_director="" script="" series_composition="Sayaka Harada" original_illustrator="" character_design="Asami Watanabe" animation_director="" sound_director="" music="Ken Arai" website_name="Offical Website" website_url="http://hstar-mu.com/index.html"]

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[ad_bottom "mt40"] [clipboard_with_credit] [upcoming_anime_baloon_css] [recommendedPost post_id=141553 url= title= img= widget_title=].He entered Ayanagi Academy because of his parents, but he looks down on everyone else as being below him - even the teachers and upperclassmen.Also it seems like all of the cast and staff are returning as well! It starts in S-S-S-S………." image="honey-shocked1"] [balloon_speech align="left" text="Summer? September? When is it Honey-chan?" image="mo-surprised1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Spring 2017..." image="honey-annoyed"] [/hide] Promotional Videos / PV [en]Official Images / Key Visuals[/en][es]Imágenes oficiales[/es] [tweet https://twitter.com/hstar_mu/status/1106481666610978816 align=center][tweet https://twitter.com/hstar_mu/status/1048461166115094530 align=center] [tweet https://twitter.com/hstar_mu/status/916899845650096128 align=center] Synopsis [ua_synopsis text="This is the 3rd season of High School Star Musical. “A way to give up on your dreams? I have no idea what you are talking about.” Yuta Hoshitani has finally joined Ayanagi Academy; a prestigious academy famous in the realm of music and the performing arts.Although he graduated from Ayanagi Academy middle school division and is reasonably talented, he has terrible stage fright and is unable to show his full potential.Well aware that he’s an elite, he’s got ability, talent, and confidence.He respects his brother, but he dislikes it when he’s compared to him, and sometimes loses his cool because of it." img=] [ua_character name="Kakeru Tengenji" voice="Yoshimasa Hosoya" desc="The son and heir of a Kabuki family.Limited to 5 students, every year one team from the second year students consisting of five members is able to perform on the stage.In his first year, Yuta successfully cleared the entrance examinations with no issues.Raised surrounded with no one but adults since a young age, he doesn’t know how to communicate with people his own age and doesn’t understand the concept of friends.He went to a regular middle school and is a beginner when it comes to musicals and theatre, but he’s motivated and a quick learner." img=] [ua_character name="Toru Nayuki" voice="Kensho Ono" desc="Always smiling and kind to everyone.However, he just doesn’t have much interest in anything and has never hurt another person.The director Shunsuke Tada also did the Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama series too.Now that he is a second year student, he was cleared to be a musical student, but… soon after he starts the new semester, a “new challenge” appears!! The curriculum for second year students is to support the graduates as they perform as the main cast in the “Special Graduation Performance”.Whenever this happens, Yuta will cheer him up with his positive attitude, which Toru admires." img=] [ua_character name="Kaito Tsukigami" voice="Arthur Lounsbery" desc="Born into an elite family with a famous stage director for a father, an actress representative of Japan for a mother, and an older brother who graduated from Ayanagi Academy and went on to become a young musical star.[Is 10 Fairy Grimms Not This A Notes 8212 Tale Goddamned]
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