Rey Gloves Dye

After I was satisfied with the color, I used some watered down acrylic paint in gray, black, rust and brown colors to darken the fabric areas of the gloves.It took 2 applications to achieve the dark antique coloring.By folding over one edge of the leather and gluing it with contact cement, I created a finished edge on the exposed end of the cuff.[And Anime Boutique FanMerch One Stop Online Debuts Superhero]

Petzi Rey Gloves

The cuffs were already removed on this pair, but they can be easily removed using a hobby knife or seam ripper tool.

Rey Gloves Dye

If you don’t have leather, scrap pieces are available from most hobby stores or Tandy Leather.Then I sealed the leather with an acrylic satin polyurethane, available from any hobby store.[Wrapping Spec Ops Setup8230 8212 Asuka The Maybe Up 09]

Rey Costume Gloves

The completed Petzl gloves look old, worn and discolored from scavenging ships, just like Rey’s in Star Wars the Force Awakens!

Tools and Materials: Petzl Gloves Thin Scrap Leather Alcohol Medium Grit Sandpaper Hobby Knife or Seam Ripper Contact Cement Acrylic Paint in Grey, Black, Rust and Brown Dark Brown Antique Leather Dye Acrylic Satin Polyurethane

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.I used Eco Flo dark brown antique gel leather dye and applied it with a cotton cloth.I created new cuffs, approximately 2 inches wide, from some thin scrap leather.

Rey Costume glovesIn this segment of The Force Awakens Rey costume series, we take a readily available climbing glove and transform it into a Rey style scavenger glove!

Rey uses rough looking leather climbing style gloves with fabric openings over the knuckle areas as she scavenges the desert planet of Jakku.Old chairs or discarded leather furniture are also a great source for scrap leather.They are available from Amazon or possibly sporting goods stores, but I was able to obtain this pre-owned pair from another Rey cosplayer.[Later Boxing Announces This To Manga Netflix Sci Fi Get Year Levius Anime]

Once the cuffs were attached, I stripped off some of the existing finish on the gloves by rubbing them with medium grit sandpaper and an alcohol soaked rag, so the leather would accept the dark brown dye.These climbing gloves made by Petzl are almost identical to Rey’s gloves, except for the cuffs and coloring.I found using a cotton swab made it easier to apply the dye to some of the small areas between the fingers of the gloves.
Source: https://emeraldb.com/2017/01/15/star-wars-rey-costume-part-9-gloves/

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