And wouldn’t we all love to see Alita with a bionic cat tail during the second half of a potential Alita: Battle Angel 2?


.Furthermore, the first film has already suggested that it planned to drastically condense the motorball saga and scale back the significance of Jashugan to a mere single-scene cameo.

A week into its American theatrical release, director Robert Rodriguez and writer/producer James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel live-action film opened with a $28.2 million dollar first weekend, placing it at the top of the box office.With an estimated production budget of $170 million, and publicity costs nearly doubling the total investment, the movie seems to be on firm footing, but the viewer drop-off in the second week isn’t known yet.

Although advance critical reviews were positive with caveats, viewer response has seemingly been enthusiastic and highly positive.And the movie doesn’t hint at the revelation of the true nature of Zalem’s citizens and how that revelation impacts Ido.However, since the film has already taken some liberties with the original manga scenario, precedent has been set for it to be even more flexible with a potential sequel.[Finished Coat Tashigi]

The movie is an admirable homage to Yukito Kishiro’s Gunnm manga despite not being completely faithful.The film’s global gross totaled over $137 million with the movie not yet released in major markets China and Japan.The second half of the film could then very easily transpose Nova with Aga Mbadi and conduct a version of the ZOTT tournament on Zalem in order to allow the second film to go all out with the dizzying effects-laden Panzer Kunst battles.In the manga, motorball isn’t even mentioned until after the events of the live-action picture.Among the more prominent alterations, Dr.

I would hypothetically suggest that a sequel movie occur in two halves.Alita‘s Rotten Tomatoes audience ranking is an impressively high 93%, again placing it at least five points higher than John Wick 1 & 2, Frozen, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther.So transferring much of the post-motorball story to Zalem and concentrating on Alita becoming a Tuned would seem to make more sense for the context of the live-action movie continuity.Chiren doesn’t even exist in the original manga.Furthermore, Nova’s presence in Zalem also seems to eliminate the possibility of the Granite Inn raid that concludes the original Gunnm manga series. Considering that the movie places Desty Nova in Zalem rather than on earth, the first hour of the sequel could depict Alita’s ascension to Zalem, her partnership with Lou Collins, and her first battle against Nova, which could potentially be transitioned into a battle against Melchizedek. She was a character invented for the 1993 anime OVA series.Her relationship to Dyson Ido in the movie is different in the movie than in the earlier OVAs.Alita/Gally/Yoko doesn’t even begin to learn of her origin, and also doesn’t obtain the berserker body until long after the events depicted in the movie.With audience approval that high, logically the film should benefit from strong word of mouth and enjoy a lengthy, profitable theatrical release ensuring at least one sequel.[The Winter OPED Op Eds Of Best 2019]Source: https://www.animenation.net/blog/a-few-thoughts-on-the-alita-movie/

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