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[balloon_speech align="left" text="Their style is certainly cool!" image="bee-happy1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="First time hearing of FEMM.“Fxxk Boyz Get Money,” released in 2014, became a big hit among teens in the US and Europe with its extreme rap and sexy TWERK dance.FEMM keeps making leaps in Japan and overseas. Also attending from Japan include Deadlift Lolita, Zwei, Fuki, and Lia.A gagaku trap, “animus” by “FAMMʼIN,” the female rap crew teamed up with FAKY and Yupʼin, has been premiered at Londonʼs DAZED.Its music video was viewed more than 1.9 million times on YouTube! In the US, “Vice” called FEMM a “supergroup,” and FEMM got Artist Of The Week at MTV IGGY with 97.97% votes. Their digital album “Femm-Isation” was released on an indie label and it hit # 10 on the Billboard world hit chart.In Japan, they appear on the Google Android TV commercial “New Android version,” and in 2016, they made a major debut with an EP+1st Album ”PoW!/ L.C.S.The convention will also feature vocaloid style performances from IA and Vocamerica.May give them more of a listen!" image="honey-happy1"] [ad_bottom "mt40"]. [sourceLink asin="" asin_jp="" cdj_product_id="" text="" url="" ] FEMM - We Flood The Night (Music Video) [en]What You Need to Know: [/en][es]Lo que necesitas saber: [/es]
    Japanese artist FEMM will be performing at the annual Anime Midwest convention in 2019, in Rosemont, Illinois.[2017 Updated Dark To In Watch Anime 12]
    Source: https://honeysanime.com/dance-and-rap-duo-femm-to-appear-at-anime-midwest/

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