13.This song will be the opening theme for the second season of Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, we’re sure we’ll start seeing previews and hopefully a music video from them very soon, keep an eye open for this.

[balloon_speech align="left" text="I didn’t get the name of the DJ, I need to find it out!" image="bee-happy1"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Great performance! The outfits were so beautiful, I’m looking forward to their next concert." image="honey-love"] SETLIST

1.Otome shikku (Otome Chic)

[author author_id="024" author="" translator_id=""] [ad_bottom] [recommendedPost post_id=220056 url= title= img= widget_title=] .Please ORESAMA keep making this kind of music." image="honey-love"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="I was so impressed by Pon, dancing and singing is so hard, she is a goddess!" image="bee-blushing"] Outro: ORESAMA’s Universe is Expanding

We feel like Hideya creativeness is endless.The lights went off, and a giant disco ball started spinning, sparkling all over the venue, and then they came in.Pon hitting skillfully those high notes while the DJ was working of those synths solo reminiscence of 80s disco music.We would like to see what the future will bring to this band.ORESAMA on stage are a 4 piece band: Guitar, Bass, DJ and Vocalist. The climax of the show arrived with the song “Ryusei Dance Floor”, and it was like this; the DJ was killing it at her booth with her millions of space and alien noises. ORESAMA not only delivered powerful vibes and emotions with their music, they also made sure every single person in the audience is having a hella good time.The place was packed with people of all ages, and Honey-chan was ecstatic to see many girls in the audience, Bee-kun was too, of course.Zenzen ki ni shi tenaikara boku no koto wa kinishinaide (I do not mind at all so do not worry about me)

12.Hideya was ripping off those electric funky chords.ORESAMA doesnt sound like a revival band, they bring the disco and funky influence from the 80s and 90s and add a futuristic feeling into their tracks, then they mix it all with solid vocals and decorate it all with extremely cool visuals.Secret

11. At the end of the show, ORESAMA announced that their upcoming single “OPEN THE WORLDS” will be released on April 24, 2019. [balloon_speech align="left" text="I cant get enough of this music.Pon’s voice was energetic, setting the mood and inviting the audience to dance.Next up, was the song most of us were waiting for, “Trip Trip Trip”, the OP of TV anime Mahoujin Guruguru.What a charming voice! But the secret of the catchiness of this song lies in the bassline, that rhythm keeps repeating in your head long after the song has finished.Their music can be described as disco infused with electro and funk.Waiting for…

10.This track is more chill than the previous one, but this didn’t stop the audience from signing and jumping along with Pon.Another high praise for the bassline because it doesn’t get funkier than this song.[ad_top1 "mt30"] “Disco Time Magic”

    Event: ORESAMA ”WELCOME TO WONDERLAND” Date: Saturday February 2nd, 2019 Location: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST, Tokyo
[ad_top2 "mt40"] Intro: The Glittering Human Disco Ball

Hailing from Shibuya, Tokyo, ORESAMA is a male-female music unit bringing a new style of J-music.Wonder Drive


[balloon_speech align="left" text="Pon entered the stage! Pon IS ON STAGE!!!" image="bee-love"] [balloon_speech align="right" text="Calm down, you’ll have a heart attack" image="honey-happy4"] [ad_middle] Performance: It Doesn’t Get Funkier Than This

They started the show with “Welcome to Wonderland” which is the first track of their recently released digital single album, WELCOME TO WONDERLAND / Himitsu.Two beautiful girls danced along Pon for the next songs.We are hoping the do a big leap to the overseas market very soon, especially because music that sounds like this doesn’t need translation.We recognized this next one! Yes, it was "Wonder Drive", The OP theme of TV anime Alice & Zouroku.At glance, ORESAMA seems to be inspired by the pop culture of the late 80’s early 90’s, the Japanese Bubble economy era.Maigo no Babaroa -Remix-

7.There was no time to waste, so our bees flew over the lively audience and rested on the top of one of the spotlights, 7 meters high.Hideya, as the chill guy he is, was sporting black jacket and silver sneakers that matched Pon dress.It’s very refreshing to get to see a J-pop performance that doesn’t look stiff and extremely rehearsed, but one that looks naturally dynamic, ORESAMA’s freestyle performance was so contagious that everyone kept dancing to their hearts content instead of rising their hands up in the air at command like programmed robots.Wonderland e yokoso (Welcome to Wonderland)

2.Kuusou Furaito (Fantasy Flight)

5. On a chilly Saturday night, Honey-chan and Bee-kun flew off to Shinkiba and attended to the “WELCOME TO WONDERLAND” show at Studio Coast.They have no competition, they are their own game.Pon, the dancing queen, kept choreographing with two girls and their Disco Time Magic through the pulsating bassline.Hideya’s self-confident aura on-stage leads the song with funky riffs, while the percussion was performed by the DJ dancing in her booth one story above the stage.Cute cute

6.Trip Trip Trip

4.Dejitaru rabu -Remix- (Digital Love -Remix-)


8.Hideya Kojima writes the tracks leading in the composition, arrangements, programming, and guitar; while vocalist Pon provides the voice and lyrics.`Ne~e, kamisama? ("Hey, God?")

2. ORESAMA is full of vibrant dance songs, so we were expecting to have dancers on stage, and yes! They did come!.Hi-Fi TRAIN

3.Ginga (Galaxy)


Soon after, they performed the song, “Hi-Fi TRAIN”, one of the audience favorite! From their first album Hi-Fi POPS. Our beloved Pon was wearing a long silver long dress that reflected the lights, and like a walking disco ball, she was glittering on stage.Every song has its own peculiar time phrases and feeling.This show felt like it was 3 seconds long.Ryusei Dance Floor


1.They are known for performing ‘Wonder Drive’, the opening song for the 2017 spring anime Alice & Zouroku, ‘Trip Trip Trip’ and "Ryusei Dance Floor" for 2017 summer anime Mahoujin Guru Guru.[Thibra McCree8217s Armor And]
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